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What's new?

August 24, 2016—Finalized the 2016 primary data through the convention floor votes. Also added a page showing what time the networks called each presidential election.

August 10, 2016—Updated my presidential election analysis.

June 15,2016—Finished my maps and charts for both primaries and will update them as states report/adjust vote totals. Working on a couple of new maps for both this cycle and elections long since decided.

June 6, 2016—Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination at 8:20 PM EDT after the Associated Press canvassed superdelegates and found she has the support of 2,383 delegates. I've updated the delegate charts to reflect the change.

June 5, 2016—Updated maps and charts for the Democratic primary after the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico voted on June 4 and 5, respectively.

May 26, 2016—Donald Trump clinched the nomination at 10:20 AM EDT after the Associated Press canvassed unpledged delegates from North Dakota and found that he had the support of 1,237 delegates. Updated maps and charts for the Republican primary after Washington voted on May 24. Redid the delegate count charts for both parties. Added results of the non-binding Democratic primaries in Nebraska and Washington to the map page.

May 17, 2016—Updated maps and charts to reflect the Democratic primary in Kentucky and Oregon.

May 16, 2016—Added my prediction for the 2016 general election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

May 15, 2016—Added a new chart to the 2016 Democratic Primary charts page, highlighting the racial divide between states Hillary wins and states Bernie wins.

May 13, 2016—Switched from Blogger to a hosting service. Added maps. Rejiggered pages. Might add Wordpress or something similar.

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